4  Development of net services : what next?

Challenges for small libraries

 The group spent some time talking about staff training and management. 
Computer Management System was mentioned as an advantage for staff editing the site without knowledge of html/xhtml
Good experience from Silkeborg: After first getting to know the library on the net: "Book a librarian" - a serious chat in the library by appointment with staff. 


User demands 

"Ask a librarian " services were discussed at length, and are well established in almost all of the countries in the group. These comments about further development arose:
- librarians are only generalists. The service has to be administered by the library, but specialists have to be involved. ex.  through discussion groups where the librarian is only one of many who could answer a question.
- there have to be different levels
- a national service, allowing coverage to late evening/night, would attract new user groups
- service to be logged on to locally, also because small libraries need to collect statistics of library use.


Alternative development policies  for small libraries:

1. Systematic development scheme:

There seemed to be agreement in the group that, instead of the carrot method,  there has to be a framework where all levels are involved and work together to establish integrated services that users log on to locally. It is the need for seamless strategic planning that makes systematic development the best choice.

There there seemed to be doubt that short terms projects (bit by bit) for a variety of different net service initiatives are suitable. Co-operation is needed for such an important development involving every library, and it would be more rational with a co-ordinated net service strategy. If the small library in addition has to find staff time for the project, it will probably be excluded from the possibility.


2. Development projects 

3. Overall project 


4. Local initiative


5. Development initiatives  with others


6. Commercial library system development 

The group was convinced that since small libraries cannot establish a net service depending on all administrative levels, initiatives will have to come from above and implemented below in the system.
Concepción: In Spain the Culture department does not have the necessary competence to delevelop or run net services. Instead it has distrubuted all funds to 86 local libraries to do this.


YOUR LIBRARY : how a local interface and a seamless  service might be divided